Looking for more or a unique portrait experience? Rachael Polglaze Photography offers a full service boutique experience. 



Every professional needs a headshot. Now offering both traditional headshot sessions as well as personal branding sessions to ensure that you are setup for success. 



Do you have a more creative idea that you would like to bring to life? Let's collaborate and create something completely unique to you. 

The Full Service Boutique Photography Experience 

Have you ever looked at an image and remembered everything about the experience? Remembered everything from the way you felt, the reaction from family and friends, the memory you have associated with it? That is the experience I strive to offer my clients. Rachael Polglaze Photography is currently offering high school senior portraits, headshots/commercial photography, and fashion photography. The studio is based in Houston, Texas, and has served clients in the Greater Houston Area and internationally. 

Its not just about taking "pretty pictures" for clients, it is about creating an experience that will have meaning, documenting a moment in people's lives and creating a tangible beautiful piece of art to celebrate individuality over and over.


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