Project Lunacy 2017 // Las Vegas, Nevada

As a professional photographer, it is important to continue learning and growing as a creative. Every year I select a few conferences and workshops to attend where I can practice new techniques and challenge myself to create something I may not have normally thought to try. 

Enter Project Lunacy. Only in its second year, this event has proven to be an incredible learning experience and provides an opportunity to learn from some of the top photography educators in the country. For only a 3 day event, I learned more than I ever thought I would. There are only 3 instructors in the schedule and as an attendee, we spend one full day with each of them. 

Day one was spent with Sal Cincotta, creator of Project Lunacy and a wedding photographer out of St. Louis. After spending the morning in a lecture format session, we took a trip out to the desert and shoot at the El Dorado Dry Lakebed. What a unique experience! I always learn so much from Sal and his team. 


Day 2 was spent with Miguel Quiles, an incredible portrait photographer from New Jersey who took us through an intensive course on beauty lighting. This was the class that I was really hoping to focus my attention on. It was really informative and I was able to leave with a better grasp on lighting setups and how to flatter my clients. 


Day 3 was spent with Jeff and Christine Tonkin of Digi Smiles Photography from the Houston area. Focusing primarily on high school senior photography, Jeff and Christine have incorporated stylized shoots into their brand. Learning how they put them together and the importance of creating an experience for clients were two of the main takeaways I got from my time with them. It was so much fun learning from them and they are genuinely great people! 


I am already looking forward to Project Lunacy 2018 as they bring the event to Houston. The community (actually it is more like a family) of photographers that has bonded over these types of events is incredibly unique and I am grateful for everything I learn with them and from each and every one of them.