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The Art of Light Houston Profoto

I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from some of the industry's top photographers. A recent opportunity I had was to attend seminar with Andrea Belluso of House of Belluso hosted by Profoto and  Houston Camera Exchange

From Stockholm, Sweden, Andrea Belluso is an award-winning international fashion photographer, creativity and empowerment coach, and co-creator/ co-owner of House of Belluso. He was joined by his beautiful (inside and out) wife Amanda is the CEO, co-creator, and co-owner of House of Belluso and brother in law Viktor Anderson, CFO, co-creator and co-owner of House of Belluso. You can read more about them here.

This incredible trio has been traveling around the world challenging photographers to think outside of the box when it comes to the art of light. These seminars challenge the participants to reflect upon following questions: 

  • What is light and how can we play with it, not only in photography but in our lives?

  • And how can light contribute to our lives if only we allow it to?

Traditionally, seminars like this would teach attendees to use different pieces of equipment to achieve different effects. In one way this could have been viewed as that type of event, but I quickly understood that this was only part of the intended message. The best way to show you what I mean would be to direct you to this short video from House of Belluso:

I find Andrea and House of Belluso so inspirational because it is rare that you have someone who has been part of the industry for so long, and has done so well, that challenges you to step out of your own way. Yes understanding the tools you have to shape light is very important, but creating something that connects with the person who sees the piece of art is the most important reason to create it. 

Thank you to Andrea, Amanda, and Viktor for challenging the way we approach creating art. I hope our paths cross again soon! 

These were a few moments from the seminar. 


You can see more of their incredible work by following the links here: 

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