Headshots vs Portraits // What is the Difference?

What is the difference between a headshot and a portrait? 

Over time, the lines between traditional headshot and portrait have been blurred. Most of the distinction can, however, be made in the intention of the image. 


Traditionally headshots are photos that are very close-up and standard images of a person's face and are very standard. They are usually taken against a simple background and serve as a simple image to put a face with a name. The idea is to show the true likeness of the person in the photo so that others will recognize them for a particular reason. 

People use headshots for a variety of reasons but in most cases, they are used in a professional capacity. Actors, business professionals, and personal branding are just a few reasons that a headshot is created. 


Although a portrait can be a photo of a person's face or head and shoulders, they can also include the environment around the person in the image. A portrait is usually a more artistic representation with the intent of showing more of the persons personality, mood and tell a story while engaging the viewer. 

Headshot Portrait Comparison.JPG

When was the last time you had photos taken of yourself - either a portrait or headshot?